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Does any of this sound familiar?

Hi I'm Claire, a holistic therapist, fellow business owner, tea drinker and overthinker. 

I completely understand how overwhelming the world of business can feel when you're a naturally quiet or sensitive person. I know how much time can be spent obsessing over the little details of your business, worrying whether you're doing enough and feeling all kinds of insecurities when you look at what everyone else is achieving.

I know how vulnerable and anxious you can feel "showing up" online, or going to a business meeting or networking event when you don't know anyone else and you're dreading the bit where you have to tell everyone what you do.

I also know it doesn't need to be this way and when you start honouring your wellbeing needs and working in ways that feel right for you then you can thrive in your business without sacrificing your health.

Are you ready to thive in your work without sacrificing your wellbeing?

Here are some of the ways I can support you.


Join a supportive online community where you can step back from the hustle and overwhelm of work and focus on nurturing your wellbeing, finding your own pace and working in ways that help you thrive.

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One to one mentoring for stressed out, sensitive souls. 

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