Create some space in your busy week...


Create some space to press pause and focus just on you.

Sessions include a powerful and effective combination of reflexology and guided relaxation, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and restored.

Reflexology is a relaxing and therapeutic treatment, supporting you to reduce and recover from the effects of stress and promote the body’s natural healing abilities.
Adding guided relaxation techniques such as breathwork, muscle relaxation or guided meditation/visualisation into the reflexology treatment allows you to experience an even deeper level of relaxation and connection between the body and the mind.

During the session I'll support you to check in with your body and allow you the space and time you need to let go of any physical and emotional tension you may be holding onto. You will have time to talk and reflect upon anything you experienced during the treatment and then you'll be given some advice on ways you can take care of yourself at home.


 £55 - One hour 15 minutes. 

Please allow an additional 15 minutes to complete a consultation at your first appointment.

Clinic Locations

Appointments available in North Tyneside, Northumberland and Newcastle upon Tyne.


Fancy a chat?

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